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Navigating Better Legal Partnerships
A Guide for Chief School Business Officials

In today’s complex educational landscape, the relationship between school districts and their legal counsel is more critical than ever. This article offers insights to help chief school business officials evaluate and enhance this collaboration..

By Anton J. Inglese, Ph.D., SFO, CETL


How a Little Faith Can Protect Our Children

Faith’s Law, which started in December of 2021, has helped keep our children safe from bad actors. This article will detail Faith’s Law and discuss the Illinois hiring process, talking through policies and procedures which further benefit the safety and protection of our students.

By Maryam Brotine, Kimberly C. Chambers, Ed.D., pHCLE and Charles Watkins 

Opening Your Mind to Closed Sessions

Not every discussion in an open meeting can happen in front of the public. Using closed sessions properly can help hasten discussions that may be hitting a snag in the open forum. This article will explore some of the common considerations and best practices to help schools make decisions regarding closed session business.

By Katie DiPiero and Brittany Flaherty Theis

Securing the Uncertain

The education system, much like the rest of the world, is tied together by technology. When a cybersecurity attack puts your technology at risk, how do you maintain day-to-day operations? This article will look at how a district recovered from a ransomware attack and the steps taken to prevent future occurrences. 

By Andrew D. Johnson

A Guide to Writing Effective School Safety Policies

Learn how school safety policies should be developed and written with the intent to manage risks, not convey a message that the risks will be eliminated. This article gives suggestions on how to establish clear procedures, provide training and resources and foster a culture of compliance and accountability.

By Victor P. Hayek, Ed.D., SFO

Paying Special Attention to Due Process in Special Education

Understanding due process in special education is essential for school business officials to fulfill their roles effectively within their districts. By prioritizing compliance, resource allocation, risk management and collaboration, SBOs can support the delivery of high-quality special education services and ensure that all students have the opportunity to reach their full potential.

By Dr. Ellie Ambuehl and Dr. Jackie Bogan

School District Emergency Purchasing

As school administrators know, emergencies happen. Even the best school administrator cannot anticipate every severe weather event, public health crisis or contractor default. This article will examine if expenditures resulting from emergencies justify foregoing statutory bidding requirements.

By Christopher R. Gorman, Howard A. Metz and Logan K. Sweeney