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Smooth OperationsCreating a Seamless Cross-Training Plan Between Business and Human Resource Departments

Cross-training is key to having success as a team. Identify key players, make a plan and see it through to smooth operations.

By James Robinette, Ed.D., pHCLE 


Advancing School Safety Through Collaborative Efforts

Focused on enhancing school safety, this article combines professional development, collaboration and advanced emergency response protocols to ensure secure learning environments for students and staff in Illinois school districts.

By Jeff Bean

Equity & Academic ROI

In the ever-evolving landscape of education, equity and academic return on investment (ROI) have emerged as critical factors in shaping successful and inclusive educational systems. This article delves into the intricate relationship between these two elements, exploring how school business officials can effectively balance them to enhance educational outcomes.

By Taylor Plumblee, Ed.D. and Travis E. Zander CPA

The Impact of AI on School Operations and Building Security

The conversation about how artificial intelligence (AI) will affect school operations isn’t just hypothetical — it’s already becoming part of our reality. This article will focus on how AI can improve school operations and building security while also examining some of the challenges and considerations associated with its use.

By Anton J. Inglese, Ph.D., SFO, CETL

In-House vs. Outsource
Which One is Right for Your School?

When maintaining a successful school, routine cleanliness and maintenance should be paramount. This article will discuss the pros and cons of an in-house staff vs. outsourcing professionals.

By Maureen Jones and Scott Mackall

Choose Learning Over Burning Through Operational Efficiency!

Within our roles as school business officials, a desired outcome is that our districts remain sustainable to meet the needs of our students, staff and community by operating more efficiently. Learn how Huntley 158 identified opportunities which allowed them to create a culture of operational efficiency.

By Mark Altmayer

Making Students the Focus of Food Service

Following the pathway of Glenbard 87, discover the multifaceted benefits that a student-centered food service program achieves.

By Seth Chapman, Ed.D.