Winter 2022

Cover Story

Protect Your People
Key Components & Requirements for Your District to Follow

Districts are facing some interesting and often challenging questions when it comes to building safety. Learn about some of the key components and requirements for districts to follow regarding Health/Life Safety and Compliance, along with avenues for funding projects.

By Patrick Durley & Ralph Grimm


Cybersecurity Update

Cybersecurity has quickly grown as a primary responsibility for every school district technology leader within the past three years. District leaders need to be educated by their technology leaders and business partners on their risk exposure and what technology systems are in place to address these risks.

By Michael Marassa, John Connolly, Phil Morris, Rod Russeau & Anthony Schlorff

Building Operations: Before, During & After the Pandemic

The pandemic has presented many challenges for school districts while providing the opportunity for improvement with building operations. As we went back to in-person learning, we learned the importance of building operations in the education system.

By By Sean Gordon, CPMM, CPS & Doug Renkosik

Title IX Investigations
How Do You Manage Complaints?

This year, we celebrated the 50th anniversary of Title IX, the landmark legislation signed into law on June 23, 1972, as part of the Education Amendments of 1972. Explore the top five tips for managing reports and complaints of sexual harassment under the current Title IX regulations.

By Kaitlin Atlas, Amy Dickerson, Jenny Lee, Jennifer Smith & Emily Tulloch

Safeguard Your District’s Assets
Protecting Your Money & Colleagues

In this environment of scarce resources, rising inflation and labor shortages, the duty of the business office to protect the school district’s assets is crucial. Because cash receipts often account for a smaller share of the school district’s revenue, it is an area that can be easily overlooked; however, it is also the area that is most exposed without the proper procedures in place.

By Justin Attaway

What You Need But Don’t Know About
Builders Risk, Coverage & Bonds

This article will focus on the requirements for Performance, Payment & Bid Bonds and the importance of having a Builders Risk policy in place for any new or renovation construction work before the first shovel breaks ground.

By Michael J. McHugh & Doug Renkosik

Host Safe & Secure Activities After School Hours

As we enter the winter season, the weather gets colder, days get shorter and school activities move from outside to inside our facilities. Explore some of the common safety and security concerns that come with hosting activities and events after hours.

By Ryan Doyle