Summer 2022

Cover Story

A Whole New World of Education

School districts have a future at their doorstep, a future with new demands thrust upon them by a pandemic world. Learn how implementing a strong remote and hybrid education environment will ensure that quality student learning continues.
By Dominic Cattero and Jamie Jannotta


Death of a Snow Day

While the COVID-19 pandemic continues to drag on and test our fortitude as educational leaders with new variants and challenges, one good thing that has come out of this, is that our ability to imagine and provide daily learning opportunities outside the classroom walls has grown exponentially; so much so that the 
idea of the snow day might just have died.
By Patrick Hoover

Bridging the Technology Gap

Learn why closing the technology divide is crucial for everyone, not just families with children. Technology should be promoted and supported for all to access, no matter location, ability or age.
By Phillip Morris

Tech Audits: Costs You May be Overpaying

Learn how one district identified cost areas where they might be able to leverage third parties to help identify cost savings that the Business Office team might not have the expertise or time to investigate.
By Mindy Bradford

How to Secure Your Tech: SOPPA Rules

With each headline of another data leak, this concern has only grown and, in turn, inspired the latest Student Online Personal Protection Act (SOPPA) amendments for Illinois. With this passage comes new responsibilities and benchmarks to adhere to. SOPPA is in place to accomplish the goal of protecting the data.
By Isaac Groenendyk

The Future of ED Tech Funding

Learn how funding increases for new and existing programs during the pandemic era have led to a huge influx of funds that can be used for technology hardware, software and infrastructure needs.
By Craig Williams and Curt Saindon 

Organizational Structuring for District & School Technology Support

Technology staffing needs and configurations vary greatly between districts and have changed considerably over time. Learn one districts current technology support organizational structure.
By Rod Russeau