Values-Based Leadership


Values-Based Leadership

By Stephen Treacy
Steve Treacy and Associates

For more than 15 years, Illinois ASBO has been committed to the leadership development of its members. Administrator academies (e.g., Life Orientations, Leadership Practices Inventory, Myers-Briggs), our new Leadership Conference and the Leadership Institute (over 140 individuals have now completed the Institute) have provided individuals with the opportunity to increase their effectiveness and expand their influence as a leader. This is quite an accomplishment and Illinois ASBO deserves its reputation as one of the preeminent organizations in Illinois, delivering high quality leadership training to its members. It has been a privilege for me to be a contributor since the start.

Over the past several months, Illinois ASBO Executive Director/CEO Dr. Michael Jacoby and I have been conversing about some new directions for our leadership development efforts as an organization. I would like to share some of these ideas and get your feedback regarding if this might be the next step in Illinois ASBO’s ongoing support for school leaders in Illinois.


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