Leadership Liftoff! Establishing Yourself in a New Position


Leadership Liftoff!
Establishing Yourself in a New Position

By Dr. Seth Chapman
Asst. Supt./Finance & Operations/CSBO
Glenbard Twp. HSD 87

Dr.Brian O’Keeffe
Asst. Supt./Business Operations
Wheaton CUSD 200

Dr. Dean Romano

Asst. Supt./Business Services
Comm. Unit Sch. Dist. 95

Starting in a new CSBO role is an exciting and challenging time for both you and your new team. It is an opportunity to start anew and establish your leadership identity. Remember, your new colleagues have no history (in most cases) with how you support, direct and invest in others. This provides you with a year of establishing who you are for and with them. This transition needs to be intentional on your part. It is strongly recommended that you set aside time to define how you want to lead and support others while also committing to how you want to manage yourself.

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