Leadership Lessons from Lasso


Leadership Lessons from Lasso

By Jeff Feyerer

Asst. Supt./Finance & Operations/CSBO
Fairview South SD 72

One of the most important things I have learned from people I look up to and research I have done on the topic of leadership, is that leadership development is a journey, not a destination. My own self-awareness tells me every day that I have a long way to go as a leader and to that end, I am constantly looking for ideas on how to improve.

An arena (pun intended) I go to often for material are the words and writing of sports coaches. My own experience as a mediocre athlete, moderately successful coach, former sports media and marketing professional and die-hard fan probably drove me there more than my desire to draw on leadership topics, but over time, I’ve learned that although there is a vast divide between athletics and real-life, there is plenty there to draw on.

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