Fall 2022

Cover Story

Guaranteed Energy Savings Contracts:
An Efficient and Viable Procurement Option

Public school districts in Illinois have several choices for procuring construction projects. Article 19b of the school code governing Guaranteed Energy Savings Projects is one choice. This legislation can be considered when a district is looking to focus on the most critical building components and other energy conservation measures.

By Steven Kowalski


Making Sense of Energy Prices That Are Costing Your District Dollars

Energy purchasing seems to be one of those tasks that school business officials and administrators endure every few years but may not have the time to explore to fully understand all the moving pieces. Having a good understanding of recent market happenings will help give you some ideas on how to navigate and make the best decision for you and your district.

By Becky Thompson

Centralized vs. Decentralized Purchasing

Every business, regardless of industry, has some form of procurement need. For school business officials, determining the appropriate procurement strategy can often be a difficult task, as there is a myriad of variables to consider.

By Tim Keeley & Amy McPartlin 

Boost Efficiency and Save with Smarter Cooperative Purchasing

There is a need to simplify the procurement process and there are several benefits of utilizing cooperative purchasing. Above all, the use of cooperative purchasing will save districts time and money.

By Jennifer Sulentic

Navigating Public Bidding Requirements Under the Illinois School Code

Understanding the key strategies for complying with the Illinois School Code can help any school business official pilot even the most-complex purchases. School districts must strategically plan, navigate the process and meet the demands of stakeholders while achieving the district’s purchasing goals.

By Kenneth M. Florey, Howard Metz & Christopher R. Gorman