Winter 2021


Cover Story

Setting Your Success on Student Success

School districts need to be strategic and timely in making decisions on how to best utilize their ESSER funding. Learn how three districts have allocated these funds to support school operations and educational outcomes.

By Susan Harkin, David Hill, Ed.D., and Curtis Saindon


Remote Learning Moving Forward

The pandemic has given us all the chance to reimagine education. It is time for a new learning environment full of options in all our schools — one that truly identifies and respects the individual needs of each member of the learning community.
By Dr. Theresa Rouse

Amending the Budget

Reinforce your confidence in the process of amending the budget and gain some tips and important considerations.
By Myron Spiwak

Putting People at the Center of the Budget

Learn how one district prioritizes both academics and social emotional health in everything they do, including allocating their resources.
By Jodi Megerle

The Adequacy Impact of Flat EBF Funding through Inflation

It is imperative Illinois get its fiscal house in order so it can adequately support Evidence-Based Funding. Dive deeper into the consequences of inadequate funding as well as the power of EBF when fully funded.
By Ralph Martire

Your new Home for Anytime, Anywhere Learning

Learn how Illinois ASBO’s new online professional development hub is meeting member needs in an ever-changing learning landscape.
By Rebecca Wolz